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14 Oct 2016 0 Comments

Since I travel a lot for handball, I’m constantly packing and unpacking my bags. And since traveling a lot also means watching a lot of movies, TV shows and other electronic type stuff on the road, I’m constantly charging those, folding the cords etc etc.

My wife found this awesome travel accessory brand last year and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Their products are very practical and they look really nice and elegant.

For me and my type of lifestyle the Mod Tablet 3 and the Tech Dopp Kit in regular size are the best solutions (they also have a mini version and a grande one). I usually just bring my iPad, headphones, and extra battery chargers with me when we’re on the road so these two are just what I need.

The Mod Tablet 3 is really nice because you can personalize it with extra inserts depending on your needs. There’s a traveler one, an executive one, a bookish one

But I also like the Cord Taco and Cordinto option if you’re dealing with a lot of different electronics and have a a lot of cords to sort out.

moodtablet0MOD TABLET 3

regulartechdoppkit1TECH DOPP KIT



I don’t know about you but our house sometimes looks like a trap with all the wires and cords lying around. It’s dangerous territory. And now that we’re getting a dog, I’m also trying to avoid the cords becoming his chew toy.

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