Hello everybody! Less than a week until Christmas and the holidays ! Are you all getting ready?

We still have another match before I head home to Slovenia for the holidays and for the national team. I didn’t play the match against Montelimar yesterday because I had an injection for my knee on Friday and so I had a few days to rest up. But I’m back full force on Wednesday against Chambery!


Today, I wanted to show you this great company that makes amazing backpacks (if anyone is still on the hunt for some last minute Christmas gifts). As you know, we travel quite a lot with MHB for matches and some of the trips like the one to Russia or Skopje can get very long.

I bring quite a few electronics with me on every trip and so I need a good and functional backpack that can manage everything I bring. I like everything in my bag to be very structured and that’s why I like the Shrine Co. bags so much. They have a lot of compartments, they are spacious, and are really made with the modern traveler in mind. A place for the iPad, headphones, watch, sneakers, laptop, even keys ! And I love it.


They have a big range of products, from backpacks, to duffel bags to suitcases and they all have a common concept of being tech savvy and well designed.

I got this sneaker backpack with a translucent black from them and have been really impressed with the quality, the design and the overall functionality. It’s perfect for my travels and I can take absolutely everything I need with me and still have space left.


They’ve also recently introduced the padded camera insert, which is perfect for me because I would like to take my camera with on some trips as well but since have a special backpack for it because the lenses need extra protection, I usually don’t because then I’d have to carry two bags. With the padded camera insert, I can just add it into my my Shrine backpack and my camera is protected the way it should be and I don’t need two bags anymore. Works out great.

Such an excellent product, perfect for the constant traveler!

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Author: Vidko

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