Hello everybody! Less than a week until Christmas and the holidays ! Are you all getting ready?

We still have another match before I head home to Slovenia for the holidays and for the national team. I didn’t play the match against Montelimar yesterday because I had an injection for my knee on Friday and so I had a few days to rest up. But I’m back full force on Wednesday against Chambery!


Today, I wanted to show you this great company that makes amazing backpacks (if anyone is still on the hunt for some last minute Christmas gifts). As you know, we travel quite a lot with MHB for matches and some of the trips like the one to Russia or Skopje can get very long.

I bring quite a few electronics with me on every trip and so I need a good and functional backpack that can manage everything I bring. I like everything in my bag to be very structured and that’s why I like the Shrine Co. bags so much. They have a lot of compartments, they are spacious, and are really made with the modern traveler in mind. A place for the iPad, headphones, watch, sneakers, laptop, even keys ! And I love it.


They have a big range of products, from backpacks, to duffel bags to suitcases and they all have a common concept of being tech savvy and well designed.

I got this sneaker backpack with a translucent black from them and have been really impressed with the quality, the design and the overall functionality. It’s perfect for my travels and I can take absolutely everything I need with me and still have space left.


They’ve also recently introduced the padded camera insert, which is perfect for me because I would like to take my camera with on some trips as well but since have a special backpack for it because the lenses need extra protection, I usually don’t because then I’d have to carry two bags. With the padded camera insert, I can just add it into my my Shrine backpack and my camera is protected the way it should be and I don’t need two bags anymore. Works out great.

Such an excellent product, perfect for the constant traveler!

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My Day OFF

13 Dec 2016 0 Comments

Hello everyone!


 Did you have a good Monday? Mine was OK in some ways because we had a day off and some time to relax and recover but in another way it wasn’t that good because we had a very tough loss on Sunday.

We played against Saint Raphael and it wasn’t the best match. As I mentioned in my last post, we have a lot of injured players and it’s something that was very present during the match on Sunday. We didn’t score enough from the distance and it’s what contributed to the loss in the end. It was a quarterfinal match for the French league cup and this means, unfortunately, that we’re out of the final four.

It’s a hard loss to swallow for sure but we need to keep our focus and be ready for the next match against Nantes on Thursday. It’s an important game and we need to finish the first part of the season strong.


I took yesterday though, to spend some time with my family. We’ve been traveling a lot so a rest day was very needed. I helped Masa wrap some Christmas presents, which means I wrapped them myself LOL (if you saw the presents she wraps you would understand). Then I relaxed a little bit before going to school to pick up Lara. After we played at home, had some dinner together and then we watched a movie!

Any good movie suggestions? Masa is forcing me to watch all the Christmas movies ever made and I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve also been watching the Narcos while traveling and I really like it! Does anyone else watch it? Do you like it?

Have a great  week!  

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For my 31st birthday I got one of the best presents ever. A Crosley turntable. It was one of those presents you never knew you wanted, but now can’t imagine your life without it. You know what I mean, right?

The turntable I have is the Crosley Keepsake Limited Edition (color blue/camel). It’s portable, even if I don’t take it anywhere, and actually looks just like a vintage leather suitcase.

The speakers that are in the player are pretty good but I connected them with our Bose speakers, which are more powerful, and we’ve been enjoying tons of vinyl records ever since. You can also connect it to a USB drive.

In fact finding good vinyl records has since become a hobby of mine and I’ve gathered quite a collection already. I buy some online and sometimes, if I have time, I will go to a few record stores. It’s really difficult to search for records in some stores because sometimes they won’t be in any particular order and it can take hours to find something you’re looking for.

So, most of the time I buy them online here at Discogs. I really like it because you can chat with sellers to see in what state the record is in and sometimes even negotiate on the prices.

crosley1 crosley2 So far my favorite record I bought is « Queen : Live at Wembley ».  Masa’s is Tracy Chapman. And Lara loves « Johnny Cash : Live at Folsom Prison », while Lev loves « Dirty Dancing ». crosley3 Do you have any suggestions for good records ?

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