Season Start

23 Oct 2016 0 Comments

Before I do a handball recap of this week I just wanted to briefly touch on the start of our season in general.

For me it started a little differently this year because of the Olympic Games in Rio. Because I was absent for the preparation part of the season with the MHB team, which usually starts in the end of July, I didn’t join my teammates until early September.

We had about two weeks off after the games ended so you could almost say that the last season ended, the Olympics started and when we were done it was back to next season.

The team has changed quite a bit since last year, some players left for other clubs and we got 6 new players. The team spirit is high nevertheless and we all get along really well.

We started the season really well with wins against Toulouse and Presov but the next seven matches were very hard for us. We lost four of those seven matches, which is a lot considering the quality of our club and team.  matches, which is a lot considering the quality of our club and team.

Of course there’s no reason to panic but we need to be aware that we’re actually a young team with a lot of prospective players and we’re going to need to work hard for the rest  of the season and efficiently take advantage of every minute of the game.


This week we had a French league match in Saint Raphael (photo from our hotel room), a club which is our direct competition for the Champions League spots. The match was very important and very tight but unfortunately we lost for one goal. This puts us in a difficult spot because we need to win even more in order to maintain our position and start moving up in the standings.

I believe in this team and and the fact that we will take advantage of the potential we have for this season.

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Match In Elverum

10 Oct 2016 0 Comments

This past weekend we traveled to Elverum, Norway for a Champion's League match against Elverum. I've been to Norway a few times before but it never ceases to fascinate me. Masa and I talk all the time about taking a trip there to see the fjords and then go all the way up north to see the the Northern Lights. It would be so amazing to experience that.

Norway4 Norway Norway2 Norway3

We stayed at a hotel, which had a Tesla car gas station next to it. I have NEVER seen so many Tesla car in my life. We just sat there watching them haha!


The match itself was not great and we were really disappointed with the loss so the trip had a bit of bitter note to it. But we know we will get back on track next week and push through this rough patch.

Here are a couple of photos I took on the trip. I forgot my camera at home so I had to use my phone but I still wanted to share them!

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