For my 31st birthday I got one of the best presents ever. A Crosley turntable. It was one of those presents you never knew you wanted, but now can’t imagine your life without it. You know what I mean, right?

The turntable I have is the Crosley Keepsake Limited Edition (color blue/camel). It’s portable, even if I don’t take it anywhere, and actually looks just like a vintage leather suitcase.

The speakers that are in the player are pretty good but I connected them with our Bose speakers, which are more powerful, and we’ve been enjoying tons of vinyl records ever since. You can also connect it to a USB drive.

In fact finding good vinyl records has since become a hobby of mine and I’ve gathered quite a collection already. I buy some online and sometimes, if I have time, I will go to a few record stores. It’s really difficult to search for records in some stores because sometimes they won’t be in any particular order and it can take hours to find something you’re looking for.

So, most of the time I buy them online here at Discogs. I really like it because you can chat with sellers to see in what state the record is in and sometimes even negotiate on the prices.

crosley1 crosley2 So far my favorite record I bought is « Queen : Live at Wembley ».  Masa’s is Tracy Chapman. And Lara loves « Johnny Cash : Live at Folsom Prison », while Lev loves « Dirty Dancing ». crosley3 Do you have any suggestions for good records ?

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This Is Ground

14 Oct 2016 0 Comments

Since I travel a lot for handball, I'm constantly packing and unpacking my bags. And since traveling a lot also means watching a lot of movies, TV shows and other electronic type stuff on the road, I'm constantly charging those, folding the cords etc etc.

My wife found this awesome travel accessory brand last year and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Their products are very practical and they look really nice and elegant.

For me and my type of lifestyle the Mod Tablet 3 and the Tech Dopp Kit in regular size are the best solutions (they also have a mini version and a grande one). I usually just bring my iPad, headphones, and extra battery chargers with me when we're on the road so these two are just what I need.

The Mod Tablet 3 is really nice because you can personalize it with extra inserts depending on your needs. There's a traveler one, an executive one, a bookish one...

But I also like the Cord Taco and Cordinto option if you're dealing with a lot of different electronics and have a a lot of cords to sort out.

moodtablet0MOD TABLET 3

regulartechdoppkit1TECH DOPP KIT



I don't know about you but our house sometimes looks like a trap with all the wires and cords lying around. It's dangerous territory. And now that we're getting a dog, I'm also trying to avoid the cords becoming his chew toy.

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Match In Elverum

10 Oct 2016 0 Comments

This past weekend we traveled to Elverum, Norway for a Champion's League match against Elverum. I've been to Norway a few times before but it never ceases to fascinate me. Masa and I talk all the time about taking a trip there to see the fjords and then go all the way up north to see the the Northern Lights. It would be so amazing to experience that.

Norway4 Norway Norway2 Norway3

We stayed at a hotel, which had a Tesla car gas station next to it. I have NEVER seen so many Tesla car in my life. We just sat there watching them haha!


The match itself was not great and we were really disappointed with the loss so the trip had a bit of bitter note to it. But we know we will get back on track next week and push through this rough patch.

Here are a couple of photos I took on the trip. I forgot my camera at home so I had to use my phone but I still wanted to share them!

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